Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Affirming One Another

Howdy Folks,

Yep, I'm going Southern again...you'll have to pardon me, every now and again it comes out. You can take the girl outta Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl (to go cliche on everyone).

Welcome to Thursday's post...the wonderful anticipation of Friday and the chance to remind oneself every day is a gift.

Today is say something positive about another blogger day. Pick one person, any person you know who blogs and say something cool about them.

We're gonna focus on building each other up, because that's part of being fellow writers...helping each other. And sometimes a person just needs a pick-me-up.

Now, I'm not saying this to try and get someone to write anything about me, I just feel in the world where there's a lot going on (some good and some not good) we all need that spark of "life is good" every now and again.

Picking one person is very hard for me. There's several bloggers out there that I enjoy and so it was no easy task to come down to just one, but since it's just one person, this is who I'm gonna go with:

Regina of Regina Rhythm.

Here's why: She's very good at giving out extremely good tips for fellow writers and artists. She's professional and extremely smart. She can give constructive criticism that's helpful and she's nice to boot.

Now you can take a turn...pick a blogger whether a published author, or not...there's a catch though:

1. It can't be yourself. Yes, loving yourself is definitely important, but we're cultivating positive words of reinforcement for others for today.

2. Can't be the same person you saw on this blog (or someone else's blog).

3. Pick only one person (remember Highlander?).

Oh and nobody has to do this on their blog. I just like posting upbeat and positive things.

Like I said, choosing just one person was really hard! There's some really great blogs out there! Keep up the good work everybody :-)

Have A Terrific Thursday!


Marsha Sigman said...

I already did my post for today on my blog so I can't do this there but I would like to say besides loving your blog (thats not cheating to mention you too!) I love this one:
Lisa and Laura Write

They are really funny and give great advice too!

Bethany said...


Thank you. And sounds like a place to check out! :-)