Monday, February 15, 2010

I Participated In A Write-A-Thon

Happy Monday Everyone,

Sunday afternoon I went over to one of the members of the RWA chapter I'm a member of held a Write-A-Thon at her house. It was a ton of fun.

I arrived there later than I meant (didn't get ready as fast as I thought I was going to), but I was told it was no big deal. For awhile everyone just kind of mingled and got set up. Some people had already started working. Then, right around 3 PM things got started and I sat down to work on some edits on Surreal.

There was quite a bit of food available (including chocolate and coffee), so people could take snack breaks. (there went my diet LOL).

There was also a published author holding brain storming in one of the rooms. I sat in because I heard a lively discussion going on and got curious. She said some really good things about character arcs and making sure there's growth and everything (particularly in Romance and Women's Fiction). I didn't ask any questions, but I took in what she was saying because I knew it could help me.

We had "white elephant" door prizes and I got this cleaning kit (very nice, by the way) with lotion, hand soap and counter spray. Looks very nice. Everybody brought something for the drawings so everyone got a prize. Someone won a tiara LOL.

I got to talk books with some people and talk about our own writing, so I was basically in writer paradise--like I am at the chapter meetings.

If you don't belong to a writers' group, find one you feel comfortable with. Number 1, invaluable advice/techniques available, Number 2, camaraderie and Number 3, you might find someone to bounce ideas off of and get some help if you're stuck (writers' block). And of course, there's perks like finding out about conferences and some of them do things like this Write-A-Thon.

In any case, I got some edits done, got to see people I really enjoy talking to and just had a good day.

I hope y'all's weekend was as nice as mine :-)

Have A Merry Monday!


Christine Danek said...

Sounds like you had fun! Also sounds like it could help in so many ways.

Bethany said...


Yep. The lady who was hosting it has done this on and off, but I didn't know about it until I joined the writers' group. :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

Hey Bethany! Glad you had a good time at the Write-A-Thon. I had a very nice day and didn't do much writing at all! Oh well, I needed the break.

Bethany said...


We all take breaks, it helps us recharge. :-)