Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Am I Behind The Pen?

Hello Everyone,

The question "Who Am I?" is one that fascinates me, not just about myself, but other writers.

I read mysteries and I see aspects of interesting thought processes, ideas, beliefs. In romance you get a sense of "awww...they live happily ever after" and in other works you meet all kinds of characters. But does this glimspe into how an author pens their work, who they are in real life?

I've wondered, who's John Girsham behind stories like A Walk To Remember and The Notebook? Based on his biography on his page, I'd say a devoted husband and father. But, who is he? Someone with a strong sense of humor? Quiet? Extroverted?

Some authors have blogs and you get to know them through what they say or things they like to listen to (example, Robin McKinley...she seems to have a fondness for flowers)

Some writers, like Stephen King, have colorful pasts that have affected their writing, and their lives.

Others are quieter, and you don't know a lot about them.

But behind the pen who are you? Are you a relatively happy person? Serious? Aloof? Easy going? Rough around the edges or have a goofy sense of humor?

Are you relative to what you write or a complete opposite?

The point is, no matter what you write, don't forget who you are. Because who you are is important.

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

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