Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Woe Is Me

Morning/Afternoon All,

I have to have sympathy. I know, I'm not usually one to ask for a pity party, but in this case, I think I might actually need one. I'm having reflux issues and so I emailed one of my doctors (the 2 doctors are married to each other and own a family practice, I've been to both the husband and wife on different occasions for different things). I emailed because I really didn't want to call the office and wait for a call back or have to go in and negotiate the dang hospital complex parking lot. My doctor wrote me back told me what to do, but she also warned that I should avoid certain foods. Among the foods mentioned...caffeine and chocolate. (I can handle avoiding peppermint, that ain't so hard, and tomatoes I can avoid). But coffee and chocolate???

Okay, the chocolate I've been mostly avoiding for awhile now because of my diet--but CHRISTMAS is coming! I was going to make FUDGE...my sister and her husband make Million Dollar Pie--it has chocolate in it! I drink coffee in the morning!

Okay, I get it, I could switch to a tea that has caffeine, but honestly, it's not the same. (And I like tea, but it really can't hold a candle to the coffee).

So yes, your sympathetic comments are most welcome, and please drink an extra coffee in my honor. (I'm supposed to let my doc know how things are after 2 weeks of being on the meds)

As to writing, the revisions I've been working on seem to be coming along. I'm thinking this new approach might just be what Conjure A Man needed.

I still have to get the word count down on Surreal but I have gotten started on that--it's slow going because I have to figure out what words are necessary and which ones I can cut (and sometimes I have to rewrite a sentence). But at least I've found ways to bring down the word count.

Have you had to give up something you really like (love, rely on)? And how's your writing going?

Have A Tremendous Tuesday!


Bane of Anubis said...

Yeah, I had to give up caffeine for a few weeks due to blood pressure issues. Very difficult. (of course, I should have given up caffeine permanently, but just can't do that.)

Marsha Sigman said...

I am so sorry! I went on the Atkins diet a few years ago and that meant giving up everything I loved! It was horrible. But for health reasons....no I haven't had to give up anything. I will eat more chocolate and drink more coffee in your honor.

bethanyintexas said...


Yeah, I'm gonna cheat on Christmas--I'm gonna have a little chocolate! :-)

bethanyintexas said...


Thank you! :-)