Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Morning All,

Today is blah. Blah because last night I woke up with a bad case of acid reflux (at least that's what it felt like). I'm doing a little better, but my stomach still feels a bit nauseated or unhappy. Yucky metalliac taste in my mouth. My dad caught the stomach bug one of my sisters and her family had and threw up earlier (fortunately I live in my own home, so I wasn't aware of this until my mom told me). I'm hoping we don't get it. I haven't gotten very good rest this week.

Today is gloomy and overcast...so blah, there, too.

I'm hoping to be able to get some writing and editing done like I did yesterday. But I also need to get rest.

I hope all of you are doing very well! It's almost New Years!

Have A Winsome Wednesday!


Tamika: said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Have a happy New Year!

Bethany said...

Thank you, Tamika. Same to you!

J.J. Bennett said...

That was me yesterday...Yuck! Feel better and enjoy the holiday.

Marsha Sigman said...

Hope you feel better, Bethany!

Bethany said...


Ooo. Sorry. Glad you're feeling better :-) Thank you :-)

Bethany said...


Thanks very much :-)