Monday, December 7, 2009


Howdy Folks,

Okay, I know, I go on and on about the RWA chapter I'm joining, but I can't say enough about how great these people are. I went to the Christmas party on Dec. 5th and it was a blast! I met this lady named Anne who writes paranormal and began talking to her about Conjure A Man and my frustration with Delaney. She and my wonderful CP, Tessy, started throwing out ideas. I sat there asking "Okay, but how would that work?" And answers came flying back.

They thought I might have resented their input. But on the contrary, I was glad to have it. All I needed to do was figure out where it would go. So, now I'm re-reading the pages I have written (making any changes that jump out at me) and reassessing the situation. I also finally managed to send the revised Chapter 1 to Tessy (it's about time, I think!)

Anyway, what do you all think about having a brainstorming session? Bring whatever you're having a problem with and I could post it in a post and we could all make suggestions. Nobody has to take those suggestions, but it might help.

But it's up to you, my wonderful readers and blog followers what you want. You tell me!

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Marsha Sigman said...

Ok, now I'm jealous since I didn't go. I think my characters are ok but right now just working on tightening the story. I want to make sure I haven't rambled and made it incomprehensible when it tells of other worlds.

bethanyintexas said...


LOL. Well, depending on what they decide about January (they might change which Saturday due to the first one being right after New Year's) you can get some ideas in January. The learning part is going to be query letters! Then in February I think someone in the paranormal field is coming.