Friday, December 4, 2009

Snowbound Friday

Posted by Bethany at December 04, 2009
Afternoon All,

Okay, it's not snowing A LOT and definitely not what they get out in the colder places of the world, but it's still snowing. Yes, I went out in it with my son and even took some pictures (gotta find the attachment so I can upload them onto my computer).

My son wasn't real excited about it, actually. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it (it doesn't snow much here, which I'm glad about. I can only put up with snow for a little while before it gets to be an "old story").

But you have snow in your stories? I do in at least one of mine (a Christmas story). However, that's a side project and not something I'm focusing on.

I don't do snow much even in my stories. I guess it just doesn't occur to me. What about you?

What type of weather do you find you most write in your stories? (I generally have sunshine or rain).

Have A Fabulous Friday! (And an awesome weekend, too!)


Valerie Geary on Friday, 04 December, 2009 said...

I love a good snow... and a good snow scene. I also find myself sticking my characters in a lot of storms... thunder, lightening, wind, the whole she-bang. Makes for good tension. :)

Bethany on Friday, 04 December, 2009 said...


Yep, that would add to the tension :-) I got tired of snow the winter I was 12 years old. We went to Michigan to visit my Grandfather and my brother was about 6-6 1/2, and he wanted to go out in it ALL THE TIME. I was cold and tired of going out in the snow, but my mom told me to go with him because he wanted his big sister to come play in the snow. That's when I got sick of snow. LOL

It's pretty to look at for a little while, and I wouldn't mind going on a horse-drawn sleigh ride or even sliding down a hill again, but I wouldn't wanna live in it or be in it for very long!


Joshua McCune on Friday, 04 December, 2009 said...

Yeah, I heard it was snowing down south -- hope you're staying warm and your pipes aren't freezing ;)

As for weather -- it's usually dry... Rain/snow makes me start worrying too much about description.

Bethany on Saturday, 05 December, 2009 said...


Yeah, my husband wrapped our pipes, so hopefully they're okay. It didn't snow real long on my part of the city...and I didn't even have a layer on my lawn! I saw pictures of people further south of me and they had at least a small layer. It was kinda funny.

Yeah, I don't get a lot into weather in my own stories, but every now and again I pick up snow or rain...because I'm trying to describe what season it is or whatever.


Regina Quentin on Monday, 07 December, 2009 said...

You know, that's an interesting question about weather. I'm realizing that I probably don't say enough about it in my pieces.

It is so funny to me when it snows in Texas. It just doesn't seem right.

Bethany on Monday, 07 December, 2009 said...


It's the weather having amensia. It forgets that Southern Texas isn't used to snow and decides to keep us on the edge of seat--or on our toes! LOL :-)


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