Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Dash It All!

Good Morning Folks,

Don't you just love that saying? Okay, maybe you do, maybe you don't, but I think it's cool.

So yesterday I did (as I said I was going to) actually get to writing on Conjure A Man. Chapter 3 is finished being rewritten (for now). But chapter 4 might need some work. The idea for chapter 4 isn't bad (I mean it makes sense Delaney's vampire friend, Caruso, would want to meet Pierre, especially since he suggested Delaney summon up a human in the first place). However, I'm not sure how well it works (hence the "dash it all" title for today's post). But, that doesn't mean it can't work.

We writers sometimes have to make a decision. Sometimes this decision is easy and sometimes it's painful. And that decision is whether or not a scene works in one particular place or even at all for the story in question.

Sometimes we have these "Dash it all!" moments where we think "If I have to revise this story one more time I'm going to scream!" And other times it's "Okay, so this doesn't work, so I gotta fix it or take it out."

What are some of your "dash it all" moments? Was it hard to fix/delete a scene or was it something you were just thinking "okay it has to happen."?

Have A Triumphant Tuesday!


Bane of Anubis said...

Normally it's not for a particular scene, it's for a particular book. "**** it, it's time to move on." It kind of sucks when you start hating the thing that much, but such is life.

bethanyintexas said...

Yeah...I really wanna see this through because I like the idea and I like the title. But you're right, sometimes you do have to move on. Sometimes you can go back. Other times you just keep moving along.

Marsha Sigman said...

Hey Bethany! I have been so busy, haven't had a chance to stop by! I am editing...and I have more of those 'this is a bunch of crap' moments than I like.lol Thats when I know its time to back off for a little while.

bethanyintexas said...


Makes perfect sense to me! And it's all right. We all have things going on. :-) Glad you could make it over here :-)