Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winner And We're Not Done Yet...

Happy Thursday All,

I'm posting this kinda late in the day, but I couldn't be on the computer very long earlier because I had another obligation in my personal life (a good one, I promise, nothing bad) so I decided to wait until I had talked to the winner of yesterday's drawing and was done with my other obligation to post.

The winner of yesterday's December Days Blog Giveaway was Sarah!

Congratulations, Sarah! Lauren Oliver will mail you your copy of DELIRIUM soon.

Tomorrow is yet another giveaway...you're gonna have to come back and see who the author is and what book it is.

Next week I have THREE, count 'em, THREE giveaway days. Three different authors, three different books.

So, keep coming back, because tomorrow is a giveaway day and next week is THREE (and I'm not saying which days!)

Have A Thrilling Thursday!

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