Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, Lions, Singing, OH MY!

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you all had a great holiday. I certainly did. Right now I'm sitting in my living room, enjoying the tree and lights and one of my Christmas gifts on DVD.

In my family, me and my siblings and spouses get one name (either a sibling or a spouse of a sibling and the spouses get a name too) and we buy for that person. 

One of my sisters got my name this year, and as part of the Christmas presents she got me a lion ornament to represent the hero of my novel, whose name is Monroe. I opened it up, laughed and delightedly exclaimed, "It's Monroe!"  The lion ornament is now hanging near the top of my tree by a white ribbon (don't know where my hooks are). He's awesome--sparkly and very regal.  I could just picture Monroe saying, "Your sister has most excellent taste." He also would say, "She has superior taste." Since he can turn into a lion, Monroe is of the opinion no other animal can hold a candle to lions.

Anyway, I'm very excited over it. I'll have to get a picture taken and put up on here, soon.

Christmas Mass (Catholic Church service) was lovely. The choir sounded beautiful, the decorations were simple but exquisite, and the priest gave a fun and great homily. All in all, my Christmas weekend was fabulous!

How was your Christmas?

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Have A Meritorious Monday!


Susan M said...

How great that your sister bought you a lion ornament. It means so much when you realize someone knows you that well.

I have collected ornaments for years. That is the souvenir I buy for myself whenever I travel.

Roni said...

I recieved Barnes and Noble gift cards. It doesn't get better than that.
Happy New Year, Bethany.

Tonette said...

I had a very good Christmas,thank you,Bethany; I am so glad that yours went well.
I know I have been absent, but the holidays hit hard and fast and I was not ready! The grandkids needed a great deal of attention\, with school off and parents working, doing their own school exams are not coping.It took me a long tiome to realize that I can decorate ENOUGH, cook fancy, but only ENOUGH, be less stressed and still have a wonderful holiday..and Husband and I went to Christmas Eve Midnight Mass for the first time in many, many years...before we were married and I helped him watch his younger siblings while his mother sang in the choir(!)
I kept you in thought and am glad to get on an wish you a fantastic 2012.May your writing be successful, your family well and happiness abound!

Bethany said...


That is cool! Yeah, it's a really pretty ornament. We don't have a ton, so it adds to our tree :-)

Bethany said...


Rock on! That's a GREAT gift

Happy New Year :-)

Bethany said...


Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Christmas! Glad you had a good one. Thank you for the thoughts, that's really sweet of you!

Have a wonderful and blessed 2012 :-)

jeff7salter said...

I got a Kindle, which I really wanted. And quickly loaded five novels which were free for a limited time.
I love getting free stuff.

Bethany said...


Too cool! Enjoy! There's a lot of NWHRWA authors who can be found on Kindle :-)

Ryan Vukmanovic said...

Had a great Christmas. Got a book I wanted to help make my future novel great. A writer can never have too much help when piecing a masterpiece of their making together.

Bethany said...


True enough! I know I've had a lot of help over the years with writing in general and with SURREAL.

Best wishes to you and your writing :-)