Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Happy St. Nicholas Day / Tuesday Everybody!

In my background, I have Flemish (Lowland Dutch) and German, and from what I understand, both backgrounds celebrate St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas is who Santa Claus is based on. He was a real person. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about him, other than the fact that he would often provide for the poor and needy.

There's a story that there was a girl whose father was too poor to provide a dowry (which was extremely important back then, not as much now). So at night, St. Nicholas dropped off money so that the girl could get married.

He was a bishop and tried very hard to help all those in need.

I heard that the Dutch put out wooden shoes. They place hay in the shoes for St. Nicholas' horse.

Growing up, we'd put out a shoe downstairs the night before St. Nicholas Day. In the morning we'd have  presents in and under our shoes, and sweet treats in our shoes. It was great fun, and not many people I know celebrated St. Nicholas Day, so it felt like something special.

My husband and I carry on the tradition to our offspring, who have enjoyed it. This morning there was joyful shouts as St. Nicholas gifts were fawned over.

Today, I think we're finally getting out our Christmas Tree, and I'm hoping husband will get out the lights for outside the house. We're a little behind this year, but I did put some garland over the mantelpiece. I also found some fun wall decorations and they're up. So now we just have to put up the rest.

I started wrapping presents, out of necessity. Husband and my father have a similar gift and I didn't want husband coming across it on accident, so I wrapped it up last night. I still have some shopping to do, and I expect when husband gets back from his doc appointment (he seems to have some kind of a cold) he'll want to take care of some of his own shopping.

What fun Christmas/December Traditions do you have in your family?

Have A Tinsel-Filled Tuesday!


Susan M said...

One gift can be opened on Christmas Eve, after church. And of course, it's not Christmas until you've watched A Christmas Story on TV.

Tonette said...

Traditions...oh, cooking away, Bethany! My mother was a fabulous cook and baker; I turned professional for some years. If I think I can get away without doing much baking or candy-making, someone comes up and makes a request or a very strong hint.
After all I did to prepare for guests over Thaksgiving,I am having trouble getting into Christmas-mode, but time is ticking away!

Bethany said...


Sounds ALMOST like my family, except we opened all our presents on Christmas Eve and we don't watch A CHRISTMAS STORY every year.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


Best wishes on getting into the spirit! And it sounds like it probably smells good at your house this time of year.

Thank you for dropping by :-)