Monday, December 5, 2011

Turkey Vultures, Shopping, & Giveaway Details

Happy Monday Everybody,

I hope y'all had a great weekend! My weekend was packed! I had shopping to do, church, and we went to the library--but it was a good weekend.

This morning after coming home from an errand, I pulled up to find that there were Grackles (big black birds, but not crows) and a Turkey Vulture picking at the garbage along the curb that was waiting for the garbage truck. I had never seen a Turkey Vulture that close before (and I was glad I was in the car). Those things are huge and ugly. You want to feel sorry for them for being so ugly, but they're so huge that you start wondering if you'd win if they tried to attack you. Fortunately, said vulture flew away and landed on the opposite side of the street on some one's rooftop, so I was able to get to the door unmolested by an ugly (and possibly vicious) bird. Although, I doubt they attack humans, but you can't be too careful! LOL. (yes, I'm being funny--it's okay to laugh).

Okay...I have an announcement:  This week there's TWO giveaways. Yes, you read that right TWO--on two different days.

Whenever you see THIS graphic at the TOP of a post, it means it's a December Days Blog Giveaway day:

I'll post the rules and everything each day. This is YA week--so there's 2 different days, with 2 different YA authors and books.

What's been a strange experience for you this Christmas/Holiday Season (please no vomit stories, I sometimes read comments when I'm eating)

Have A Merry Monday!


Tonette said...

I wore myself out shopping on Saturday, Bethany...the only really good shopping is out-of-town, about 30 miles away. We got in a lot of good Christmas bargain shopping...it was a great way to spend out anniversary.We also had incrediblly beautiful weather, clear and about 60 F for a high.
As for Turkey vultures, they are all over where I live. There were so very many circling the city high school field, I asked the coach how bad the team was this year! Seriously, they reminded me of the Dementors over Hogwarts....creepy!

Bethany said...


Too funny! Yeah, they're creepy birds. I've seen them from far away but never up close like that. I know they don't hurt people, but man, they're HUGE.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Roni said...

The only weird thing is I have a little more money than usual for Christmas this year. The only shopping I've done is on-line with LL Bean. They don't charge shipping anymore. Nice!!!
As I've mentioned before, we live in Maine, and in the woods, so lots of animal and bird life pass through. I find the turkey vultures facinating. (And yes, ulgy.)

Bethany said...


LOL well you can have "my" turkey vulture...I don't mind.

I haven't really shopped with LL Bean, but I've seen their catalog. Nice stuff, and with you living in Maine, I'm sure it's good to have the things they offer.

Down here, you don't always need really heavy clothes (you'd probably think it was summer during our winters LOL--although, it has been known to get into the 20's, which I don't figure is hot, even for Maine!)

Thank you for dropping by :-)