Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Might Be A Writer If...

I've already posted the official Wednesday post, but this came to me, so...

In the grand tradition of Jeff Foxworthy...

You might be a fiction writer if...

-Fictional characters "talk" to you

-You think in terms of 'what if' rather than 'this is'

-books are like air to you and without them you'd die from lack of oxygen

-you're willing to throw yourself into an industry that may or may not render a good paycheck simply because you love what you do

-you can't stop stories and ideas from popping into your head...even when you're asleep

-rejection letter has a bittersweet connotation for you

-POV, GMC, CPs, and other acronyms are part of your every day vocabulary (and anybody outside the writing world has no idea what you're saying)

-Your computer/notebook/pen/pencil are extensions of yourself

-your power goes out and you're crippled

-you know exactly what a person means when they say "fleshing out" something

-You stare longingly at the bookstore shelves imagining your story sitting there with a gorgeous cover

-You actually offer advice to someone else even though you're writing the same genre (Todd Stone once pointed out that the writing industry is the only one he knew of that would help each other while competing with each other).

-People think you might be a little eccentric--but who cares, it works for you

-you have Nathan Bransford and Janet Reid and/or other agents/publisher blogs bookmarked

-you talk about characters as if they were real people

-when someone says there's nothing to writing you're convinced they've never tried it

You all have any? Share them in the comment section!

Have A Great Day!

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