Friday, July 2, 2010

"I'd Like To Thank..."

Happy Friday Everyone,

Before I get to today's post, want to wish fellow USA-ers a Happy 4th of July Independence Day! Have a happy and safe holiday. Now onto the topic at hand...

Normally these things appear in a published book...the finished product of what we writers toil and imagine and work on for hours and days and even years at a time.

But, I was thinking about a fellow NWHRWA member who recently got a short story published in Suspense Magazine and how happy I was for him.

Then I got to thinking about the different "cheerleaders" in my life. The people who have encouraged, prodded, supported, laughed with me, read over my work (and listened to it) and helped me learn and helped me get on this road, that I just have to name them. (And in the comment section, you can name anyone YOU'D like to thank!)

So here's my list of people, whether they'd appear in the Acknowledgements of a published story by me or not, I'm still grateful to them (in no particular order):

My husband

My parents and siblings

My child (who reminds me of my love of imagination)

One of my best friends, Sarah (who has listened to countless tales, readings and everything in between)

Jacqueline, my instructor from my class I took some years back from the Writer's Digest School. She told me I had talent, which made me feel I could've danced on air.

To Mrs. G who told me I could do this

Author Laura Childs simply for being so cool and encouraging (and letting me interview her)

The NWHRWA members for being encouraging, upbeat, fun, informative and helpful. (Each of you is awesome in your own way and I'm grateful for each and every one of you simply for being there!)

Tessy...Yes and Tessy again for her critique on one of my manuscripts and her being so cheerful and helpful.

Author Ciara Gold for supporting this blog (whom I need to ask if you'll do an interview. Why I haven't yet is beyond my comprehension)

Authors Elizabeth Pina and Christie Craig for supporting this blog by letting me interview them.

Author Kim Lenox for her encouragement.

For all of you out there who have read this blog, commented and encouraged me.


Les, for letting me write those parodies.

Ryan, for sharing his talent with me.

All my relatives...for the support, encouragement and belief in me.

Mr. J. and his wife, for their friendship, encouragement, prayers, and support.

And, of course, God and my faith, without which I'd be a ship without an anchor.

Oh yeah...and to author Stephenie Meyer for writing the Twilight books...those things helped remind me of something very important with my writing, which in turn kicked my rear and helped me realize "Yes, this is where I belong."

So, now you all know (if you didn't already)...a writer may start off "alone" but he or she always has others behind him or her holding them up and showing them the way. No writer is truly an island unless they never, ever try to publish or show their work to anyone ever.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Ryan Vukmanovic (Space Chicken) said...

I appreciate being mentioned Bethany. You're a talented writer and a good friend. My own writing has changed since we became friends. We as writers, we do start off alone but it's the people that matter most that continue to inspire what we do. We can take our experiences with them and make it a great story. The best stories we tell are those we have lived with those we love.

Bethany said...


Thank you for the compliments! And you're right. Experiences do play a role :-)