Friday, July 30, 2010

New Face, Movie Review & Such

Happy Friday All,

Hope you like the new layout. I saw the template on the design feature and I was like "Oooo, I like this one." So now it's part of my layout.

I recently saw Bandslam. It's not your usual teen movie (at least from my point of view).

I got the feeling that the appeal of this movie would be several things:

> Good music. I watched the Special Features and all the actors/musicians play the instruments and sing the songs that are featured in the movie.

>The Ramones were mentioned. I grew up hearing Ramones songs. I love their rendition of Baby, I Love You. (other bands are mentioned...The Clash, U2, The Beatles, etc...).

>Music history/trivia is mentioned. Such as CBGB. This makes it feel more "authentic".

>There's a lot of serious issues dealt with in this movie, including death of a parent.

The movie just feels "grittier" to me than most teen films. I think that's another selling point.

If you're a Lisa Kudrow fan, she does really well in this movie. A nice balance between humor and being serious for her.

Vanessa Hudgens steps into a deep and more serious role (in my way of thinking) than in most of the movies I've seen her in. I think she does a nice job.

I thought overall it was a good movie. I enjoyed it.

In writing news...been working on one of my manuscripts that's not finished and it's coming along nicely. :-)

Have A Fantastic Friday!

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