Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up!

Happy Wednesday All,

The editing I did Tuesday was fun. It was because I loved watching my male main character in some of the scenes. I almost like him as much as I do "my" beast.

"My" Beast was the Beast from a re-telling of Beauty & The Beast that I wrote some time ago. This is a spectacular lesson in backing up one's work:

My retelling was from the Beast's point of view and it was kind of a psychological journey in one sense. I pulled out a lot of the Beast's emotional and temperamental side. I loved him dearly and there were parts that I absolutely adored (particularly, I think page 80 where he almost kisses her--forgetting he's a beast of course--but she pushes him away).

Well, my computer crashed and took a good chunk of that finished manuscript with it.

I had maybe a little over 100 pages saved on disc, but I hadn't backed it up.

Now I have a computer that doesn't accept those types of discs (the old small A drive ones)

So alas, my Beast died an unhappy death never having the story properly edited.

Moral of the story:  Back up your work. If your computer is stupid and won't burn discs, find other ways of backing up your work. But back it up! (which reminds me, I need to do that with the edits I've done recently).

As to the ending of that story:  I've gotten over the loss of "My" Beast. I enjoyed writing it while it lasted, but I'm enjoying writing my current stories more.

However, putting in all that hard work and then having it fall to pieces around you is a very mournful feeling (I'm not joking here).

Obviously, as I said, I got over it, and moved onto other manuscripts, but at the time it was a hard thing to have happen.

So please, spare yourself the agony I went through, and back up your work. You'll be glad you did.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

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