Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Reporting: "Shut Up And Kiss Me" by Christie Craig

Happy Monday All,

In light of the fact I've been talking about this book for at least a month and interviewed author extraordinaire, Christie Craig, I figured it was only fair I read the book, and I also thought it was only fair I reported on it to you all of you.

Shut Up And Kiss Me is an incredibly funny book. A contemporary romance with suspense thrown in, Christie's usual witty style shines like nobody's business.

You get to feel sorry for her character, Jose, who during the course of 3 days manages to have the following happen to him:

>a car accident

>fall in thorns

>get sprayed by a skunk

>fall through Sheetrock

Scott Gomez makes a fun, uber-protective studly hero; with enough mixed ethnicity (I think Latin and Native American) to make him exotic and interesting.

Shala Winters is an independent, no-nonsense heroine with a great sense of humor (gotta love her ED comment to poor Scott, who doesn't have the problem, but mishaps abound in this book).

By the way...it leaves me wondering...does mustard really help burns?

So I recommend, with a smile and a laugh, Christie Craig's new novel, Shut Up And Kiss Me

I laughed out loud reading it.

Have A Merry Monday!

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