Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In The Zone

Hello One And All,

Welcome to Thursday's post! Just one more day then...


So...question for you:

What's your ultimate writing set up? What is it that helps you write the best?

Is it a big comfy chair? Your favorite songs in the background? Background conversation? Chocolate? Coffee?

Whatever it is, have it when you write. It's something I reminded myself of while I was listening to a song that I listened to a lot while writing Surreal (it was Chris De Burgh's "Missing You" by the way).

I almost never listen to music while writing... however I remember when writing Surreal, I listened to songs by Chris De Burgh, Ramones, Lowen & Navarro, REM, Kci & Jo-Jo, Bonnie Taylor, Savage Garden, Neil Diamond, Righteous Brothers, Paul Anka, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Optional 2, They Might Be Giants, "Trumpet Voluntary" by Henry Purcell Clark.

That music helped put me in the right mood to write Surreal.

So I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should go back to listening to music that puts me in the right mood for whatever story I'm writing.

Give yourself a break...set yourself up to be the right mood for whatever story you're telling. What you're writing...if there's a particular music that suits the mood of the story, put it on and let yourself go...if you can't write with music in the background, figure out what helps you be "in the zone" so you can write, write, write.

Best wishes!

Have A Tremendous Thursday!


Emma Michaels said...

Some of the time music can help but I would say normally for me it is when I just have my desk and my laptop is out and set up and it is silent. Which even if I don't listen to music doesn't happen much so I normally just play music to drown it out. I love playing the Doctor Who Soundtracks. It helps for some reason. Great post and look forward to seeing what others say!

Bane of Anubis said...

Music's usually a non-factor for me... it generally fades into the background like white-noise, though if it's a driving-beat song, it'll catch my attention (and usually distract me from what I'm doing :)

Bethany said...


That's definitely interesting. I hadn't heard of someone listening to "Doctor Who", but if it works, then great :-)

Bethany said...


Yeah, I know what you mean.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I can't write and listen to music at the same time. I need quiet, something hot or cold to drink, and a comfy chair. :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

I must have silence when I write...I guess too much going on upstairs. But when I read I have to have background noise. Is that wierd or what? BTW, I am officially joined up with RWA, national and chapter now.

Bethany said...


Well, I don't know whether or not you got what I was saying, but if you didn't...what I was saying whatever helps you write best, that's what you should do :-) I'm sorry if it was convulated approach, I thought I was being clear LOL.

Best wishes :-)

Bethany said...


Not entirely. When you're writing you may be trying to focus more and when you're reading you're just relaxing.

Congratulations in joining!! :-)

Christine Danek said...

Sitting on the couch with my laptop and listening to music that inspires me. The music changes with each story I write but it definately helps me envision what I am trying to get across--putting me in the scene (so to speak). Funny, I was thinking on posting on a similar topic today.
Take care.

Bethany said...


That's awesome! And that's great you've found motivation that works for you :-)