Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Call Of The Pen (er, computer)

Howdy All,

14 followers! Wow. I'm pretty excited. It means a lot to me that you all want to follow my blog, I appreciate the encouragement and support. (I do go and look up followers' blogs, too, especially the new ones so I can get to know you better as you get to know me).

My son has a sinus infection (thank you for your kind words in respect to his illness and me). Last night was a little better. He got restless about 4 times (all before I was asleep, so that's good) and this morning my husband got up with him (at 4 AM! Yes, I woke up, I can't help it, but I managed to get back to sleep). Then this morning my son woke me up at around 8ish and then ended up taking a nap. I got up first and he followed about a 1/2 hour later.

Last night I finally got back to writing. I didn't get a lot in, but it was something at least. I got started on chapter 3 of my dragon story and I'm looking forward to putting in some ideas I got last night (as I was trying to fall asleep, no less LOL).

Reading is going good. About 1/2 way through MaryJanice Davidson's Fish Out Of Water (her last mermaid book. Apparently it was only to be a trilogy. Too bad). Looking forward to reading the other 2 Royal books.

Last night I checked out from Blockbuster Post Grad. I haven't watched it, yet, but I've been wanting to see it (no, I did forget to put it on my list of movies I wanted to see, LOL, sometimes my brain decides to take a vacation).

Anyway, I knew I couldn't put the story calling me on hold for long (even if there was illness). Eventually I'd find a way to sit down and do some writing, no matter if I was congested. LOL

Oh, by the way, do any of you all like the show, Castle on ABC on Monday nights? I LOVE that show. I don't miss an episode. I think it's really cool and I'm hoping they bring a whole Castle-Beckett romance in soon (yes, yes, I am a romantic, I can't help it). Oh and I do watch The Bachelor but I'm not following it as closely as Castle. Castle is my favorite show right now.

I watched Ugly Betty last night. I thought it was sad. Goodbyes are often tough.

In any case, I wish you all happy writing, reading and a good day.

Have A Terrific Thursday!

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