Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Monday

Morning All,

Lots of blue to report on. The sky is blue, my PJs have blue in them, and I feel a little blue. Been fighting this cold/allergy issue all weekend. It started on Thursday when I was working on cleaning my living room. The heater being on and kicking up dust my eyes (and left nostril) started running. Of course, I did my best to head them off--decongestion, things for mucus problems and as with things like this, plenty of tissues. The heater continued to run as the temperatures dropped (hitting an all-time low at 20 something degrees at night, which is COLD for where I live)...continuing drying out the air, despite the best efforts of the bedroom humidifier (which, have done their best, but I've STILL managed to feel dried out). I missed Mass on Sunday because I was feeling so bad/sick. I feel better today.

Today I'm better, but still dried out. Now my right nostril has decided it's time to join the party. I love cold weather, but I've decided heaters and dust are out to make me miserable. I can tell it's a nefarious plot to keep me from enjoying my days.

On the other hand, the masters of destruction (aka: dust, heaters, congestion) haven't been able to keep me from reading and thinking about my novels.

I've got one in the works that I've been doing bits and pieces of thinking on. Coming up with ideas to up the ante (conflict) and how to fit it into the story.

I've also been reading ferociously, having finished up Kerrelyn Sparks' Forbidden Nights With A Vampire (the ending was really sweet) and finishing up Cameron Dokey's Wild Orchid: A Retelling of The Ballad Of Mulan (Good, I've enjoyed a lot of Dokey's way of retelling fairy tales and legends...she's got a real way with the pen/keyboard).

Got in the works for reading still to finish Sarah Strohmeyer's The Penny Pincher's Club (So far my favorite of hers is The Cinderella Pact--very hilarious story about women losing weight and definitely like her style of writing).

I think Stephen King's On Writing should be something for every author/writer to read because it humanizes the author...reminding authors that even the most famous ones have a human side and struggled/struggle with things. It makes you see that writing is an "every man/woman" endeavor, not just a few high IQ people. (Meaning that you don't have to be a genius to write--some geniuses don't have the desire to write fiction--P.S. I doubt very much that I'm a genius and it's okay not to be).

Also, don't think about trains, Mexican food (which I ate last night courtesy of carry out, my husband brought it home, wasn't that sweet?) and novel writing when you're going to bed. It makes for really weird dreams.

Either way, I hope you're not struggling with your health and that your writing is going superbly.

Have A Magnificent Monday!


Marsha Sigman said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling blue! It's warming up outside and shouldn't be as cold as it has been. Last week I read all of my books. Hush Hush,Writing the Breakout Novel, and SK's Under the Dome (1074 pages!!). Stephen King has such a strong voice that it inspires me to be more clear with my own. Hope you feel better!

Bane of Anubis said...

Hope you feel better soon, Bethany. And thanks for the weird dream concoction -- I actually like my dreams weird.

Bethany said...


I'm slowly getting better. Still fighting this allergy/cold baloney brought on by dust and heater!

Bethany said...


Thank you very much. LOL and I'm glad I could help in the dream department.