Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

Afternoon Everybody!

Oh wow...the title of my post puts me in mind of that song "And she'll have fun, fun, fun 'till her daddy takes the T-Bird away!" (I believe that was the Beach Boys and yes I do like their music LOL--Dad introduced us kids to some of it through him playing guitar).

It's Friday, Friday, Friday...my husband's not working this weekend, I'm finally getting better...my son has been on his meds almost 2 days (although last night was rough) but he seems to be slowly getting better and hopefully my husband doesn't get any worse (he's now fighting congestion--I'm telling you the heater has done us no favors in terms of congestion and allergies...although it has kept us from freezing our bums off when the weather has been unusually cold).

I'm excited. Yesterday was productive...meaning I have now started to combine the two versions of Conjure A Man so I'm finally getting an idea what to do with this story (and hopefully much better).

The dragon story is slowly coming along. Very cool.

Now I just have to get Surreal editing done and be pretty much on my way to making 2010 a very good year...writing wise.

Of course I also need to work on my angel story, but I'm not as concerned about it as the other stories.

Since today is Friday and it's time to have some fun...how are you all doing? You got big plans for the weekend? What are you currently reading or working on?

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Have A Fantastic Friday!


Marsha Sigman said...

No reading this weekend! Buried in revision writing! Have a great weekend.

Bethany said...


Best wishes on your revisions! Have a good weekend :-)

J.J. Bennett said...

Nothing too exciting. Started my taxes, and plan on writing most of the weekend. It sounds like thgings are coming along! Good job!

Bethany said...


Well, taxes are important. Best wishes on your writing as well :-)