Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yay Books!

Morning All,

The title for today's post is a play on a song called "Yay Toast!" (I don't know where to find it, but it's a funny song).

But more than that it's because in the last month I've been to Barnes & Noble twice. TWICE! Yay!

Okay, so I didn't get myself anything...but I did browse through several books that look interesting (and one that got reprinted I was excited to see that because I really liked it).

Last night I was doing some Christmas shopping (I finally got started a few days ago. Last year I was already Christmas shopping in October! You see, I have 13 nieces and nephews--and we all keep adding to that number, so I have to make sure I start early enough so I can find out what they're all into and shop accordingly).

In my family--since there's so many of us (including spouses) we are now given a name of a family member to buy for with a price limit. One of my sisters has a program that takes names and matches them (it's a statistical program but it can do this for us, how cool is that?)

Anyway, so last night I was Christmas shopping. It was awesome. I love author Gail Carson Levine and am excited to share her with young nieces and Noel Streatfeild of Dancing Shoes, Theatre Shoes, Ballet Shoes, Skating Shoes fame. They've been reprinted--finally--after all these years! Plus picking out bookmarks and a book for a friend's baby's birthday party that we're planning to go to later this month.

But you know what's so wonderful about going to Barnes & Noble and other bookstores? Not just that I LOVE to read, but also it reminds me how vast, varied and extensive the various types of books there are. How there's all kinds of things for all kinds of readers and different ideas have the power to inspire us writers.

How exciting is that?

Also, there's such a great smell about bookstores. I mean...walk in you breathe in this scent of serenity, and calm that comes with reading. I don't know, it just is a comforting aroma to me.

So, what do you find most exciting about bookstores? What types of books inspire you?

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!


Bane of Anubis said...

Though I love the convenience of box bookstores, I love the smell of old/used bookstores... though I am a bit worried about germs :)

bethanyintexas said...


Maybe you'll get Antibacterial stuff for Christmas ;-)

Used bookstores are nice, too. :-)