Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sequel To Friday's Post

Hey Folks,

Normally I haven't been posting on Saturdays, but I'm making this one exception.

First off, if you haven't, get to Friday's post please do so...Elizabeth Pina made an appearance in the comment section :-) Shout out to Elizabeth!

Second of all, I mentioned I was going to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon and I did.

Let's just say: AWE-some! The wolves totally rocked. The pacing is slow--but with very good reason--Bella pretty much clams up when Edward leaves (no I'm not really giving anything away here, most people know that happens). The Volturi just kicked butt--majorly impressed with Michael Sheen as Aro. He EMBODIED that character. Few things were changed--which makes sense, but totally didn't take away from the movie. Very very close to the book itself.

I won't go into depth on my rants about the viewers (cell phone lights, and loud munching) maybe people had an emergency and needed the cell phone on...I don't know and I do like snacks with movies, but even on a release day I've never had it be so distracting before.

But other than the problems with distracting munching and cell phone lights I really enjoyed the movie a lot.

I'm not sure those who aren't "Twilight" fans will enjoy it...but I think it was fun and really good.

Here's looking forward to June 2010 for "Eclipse"!

Have A Satisfying Saturday!

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