Monday, November 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Good Morning Folks,

First off I want to send congratulations to Stephanie. She just got a contract from an agent. You can go to her blog and wish her congrats. YAY FOR STEPHANIE! (She gets a major shout-out today).

Today is another pretty day. Clear, blue sky, and chilly in the house LOL. Yesterday we couldn't find our TV remote. My husband must have found it this morning because when my son and I got up there it was right in front of the TV (and it wasn't there last night). Yay! (My husband also gets a shout-out).

My uncle had a scan and found out there's cancer activity in his brain, so prayers and thoughts for his remission from that would be much appreciated. (Thank you).

Last night I worked on chapter 2 of Conjure A Man, smoothing down some rough edges that were bothering me. I think it's getting better. I'm beginning to understand more of what I want in there and Delaney's character. When I first wrote it I felt like she was kinda weak, but wasn't sure what to do, when I made another pass at it I was still frustrated, now it seems to be ironing out. YAY!

I've been reading Susan Wiggs' The Maiden's Hand. So far it's pretty good. It's the 2nd in a 3-book series. I haven't read the first one of the series. I got this book in the gift bag when I was at Todd Stone's Novelists Boot Camp Workshop (along with 3 other books that I have yet to read).

This month Elizabeth Pina's book Learning To Let Go is released. Please check out her website to get more details. (I sat next to her at the workshop, real fun and sweet. The book coming out is an Inspirational Romance, and she's working on a Suspense Romance that sounds good).

For Twilight fans everywhere The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie is going to be released this month on November 20th. The movie looks like it's going to be really good. (Been checking out the previews on The Twilight Lexicon).

I declare today :-) Find Happy News Day :-) So please share some happy news in the comment section (thank you in advance). (Part of the reason is because there's so much good news, I'd like to keep it up and also because I'm worried about my uncle and some other things, so good news is a good way to keep one's spirits up).

Also, I asked this question over the weekend: What are you all currently reading? (something besides your own manuscripts).

You all have big plans this week? My in-laws are in town so we're probably going to see them a couple of times this week.

Saturday is busy for me--got an NWHRWA meeting then that evening I'm attending a dinner (no it's not in my honor LOL).

Have A Merry Monday!


Bane of Anubis said...

Good luck w/ the in-laws... I've got no happy news, but no unhappy news either ;) -- as for what I'm reading... about to start Hunger Games...

bethanyintexas said...


Well, glad you have no unhappy news :-) Enjoy "Hunger Games" :-)

Regina Quentin said...

Prayers for your uncle Bethany.

In answer: I'm reading the Plum Pudding Murder right now, I'm enjoying it. I'm going to B&N soon to find another book until the nook comes out.

bethanyintexas said...


Might I recommend Laura Childs' Mysteries? She has 3 series out, Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries and Cacklebury Club Mysteries. There's also Joanne Fluke. I like both of them.

And thank you about the prayers. I appreciate it.


J.J. Bennett said...

Bethany stop by my blog for a surprise!

bethanyintexas said...

Awww thanks J.J.! So awesome! :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

I am not reading anything at the moment...isn't that horrible? I have a stack of books to read but the last few days have been so busy with Halloween. Sorry to hear about your uncle, our thoughts are with him and you.

bethanyintexas said...

Thank you very much, Marsha!