Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sparkly Shoes, Movies, & Life...

Happy Thursday One & All,

I won't be posting on Friday because of it being Good Friday. I know I don't post most days, so that's a "whatever", but I am trying to do more with the blog. Honest! I'm working on trying to find more ways to write in spite of the fact that the Averie Household is as hectic as ever.

We have conquered the Death Ray Sinus and Respiratory infections--hurrah! We've even managed to get Real Life Hero a brand new suit--(he looks so good in it!) and new dress shirts and ties. I got a new skirt and sparkly new shoes (I got them because I have this other skirt that they'd be perfect for and I have a couple of events coming up that I want to be extra dressed up for. I don't normally get this fancy, but these events are fancy things).

My computer or the website is being weird about pictures, so unfortunately this week, I don't have pictures on here.

I have been writing--a little at a time (like I said, a lot going on in the Averie Household) but a little is better than no writing. I'm excited about this story idea, but I'm keeping most of it under wraps. Very few people know much about it, let alone what it's about. I feel I work better when not too many people know anything about what I'm working on. I hope to finish it before October. That may be a bit on the ambitious side, but I'll do my best.

My husband wants to see The Big Short. Any of you seen it? Is it good? We heard about it when we watched the Oscars and now he's intrigued. I'm looking forward to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I really enjoyed the first one.

What movies are you wanting to see?

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday and a lovely and happy Easter!

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