Friday, March 4, 2016

Death-Rays, Disappointment, & Prevailing...

Happy Friday All,

Coming up with the nickname for my ailment and author Stacy Hoff's inspiring blog post, gave me the urge to write this post. So thanks, Stacy!

The Death-Ray Sinus Infection hit my household. Well, me. It started last Friday with dry, sore throat. Okay, whatever, we ran the heater, I often feel that way with the heater on. Saturday I feel like crap--like pulled through the mud crap. Sunday I feel better. Monday I'm so-so. Tuesday fever hit me, and I went to the doctor. I got an antibiotic and started on it right away. Wednesday I felt slightly better. Thursday, fever went up again. Now it's Friday. I feel crappy.

Yep, it's the Death-Ray Sinus Infection. My poor body feels like an 18-wheeler dragged it down through the mud, across a busy freeway, down the "Cliffs of Insanity" (The Princess Bride reference) and through the swamp of eternal coughing and it's weak and tired.

Husband, being the super-hero he is, is doing his best to rescue me.
He's taken the day off, occupying the Offspring, helping with school work, and everything else (I've mentioned he's my Real Life Hero, right?) 

While trying to get over this Death-Ray Sinus Infection I've hit a few more bumps--disappointments, death of a chapter mate, and seeing a fellow writer go through the week from Tartarus (now I'm referencing Greek Mythology and my Immortal Dreams Trilogy--who knew that? Ding, ding, you're awesome!)

But, I got inspired to write this blog post, right? So that's pretty cool. And despite the disappointments, weakness, and the stupid, idiotic-please-let-me-punch-its-face-in-sinus-infection, I am mending. Slowly. Prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated, welcome, and I think of you with a smile when you offer them.

I might try to write today despite the Death Ray's effects on my poor, mistreated self. Show Death-Ray it won't win against me. I will prevail. Like Frodo did. Okay, Frodo had a worse week than me, but it's the camaraderie I feel that matters here. (Who knows who Frodo is? Say so in the comments!)

Hope you've had a much better week than me--although there have been some bright spots (like the times I felt better, the sun shining, the fact that one of my best friends called me, one of my other best friends got the birthday card I sent her, and another texted me today) so count one's blessings, right?

Have A Fabulously Fantastical Friday and an awesome Weekend!

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