Monday, March 14, 2016

One-Size Fits All?

Happy Monday All,

Death Ray Sinus Infection gave way to Death Ray respiratory infections in my Offspring unfortunately. Fevers, coughing, congestion, and antibiotics is our life at the moment. We'll be glad when the Death Ray Infections get out of our house. And illness please, please, please stay out!

On the writing front, I'm working on two
Botanical Gardens in Springdale, Arkansas
completely new ideas and discerning what direction to take with an established story. For now, I'm not entirely sure what direction I'll take, but I expect I'll be clued into what to do some time.

I've discovered that one-size fits all doesn't exist (at least, not every time something says "one size fits all" or "one size fits most"). My mom ordered me this gorgeous skirt. It said one-size fits all, but the reviews were pretty good, so I waited for it. It arrived over the weekend and it was as gorgeous as the picture. I put it on, and it was extremely tight with no clear
answer on how to loosen the elastic. Now, I'm not very big around the waist, but I'm not a size zero, or a size 2. So, mom promised to see if there's a way to fix it because I really like the skirt. It's gorgeous and looks good on. I just would it to be a smidgen less tight. So yeah, one-size does not always fit all.

Which is also true about books, careers, or dreams.

Every author I know has a different type of career, even if some of the aspects are similar to one another. But every author has to do what's right for him or her. There is no one-size fits all.

So, what are you all reading these days?

Have A Marvelously Merry Monday! 

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