Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Do You Want To Be A Super-Hero?

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Did everyone go check out author Katie McGarry's new YA Contemporary novel that was released yesterday? I got an e-book
copy of it and I'm well into the story. I really like it so far. Razor is complex and interesting, as is Breanna. This feels a lot like some of her previous work, and I'm thrilled about that. Nowhere But Here was good, but Walk The Edge is definitely better (in my opinion).

Okay, folks, raise your hand if you're a nerd/geek/dork...

Come on, don't be shy!

Just admit that you're a big fan of DC's Justice League, or Marvel's Avengers (or both, as in my case). Tell me you love Chris Helmsworth as Thor, and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the movies makes you smile. Or maybe you're more into the comic books, or into something else entirely.

Batman, maybe?

I happen to be more of a fan of Super-Man, but that's just me. I do want to see Batman Vs. Super-Man. I'm curious as to how they play up the rivalry.

I don't plan to see the Suicide Squad movie. I'm not a huge fan of all that. However, it does look like they're putting a lot of thought and consideration to each character and that the actors are going to be superb.

My favorite depiction of Super-Man is Lois & Clark. This will not shock those who know me best. I'm hopelessly romantic, and that show played up the romance between the two of them and I loved that. I have two of the seasons on DVD (can you guess which 2 seasons? Hmm..., cue the Jeopardy! theme song).

I watched several seasons of Smallville, but lost interest after a while. While I'm a fan of several pieces of Tom Welling's work, I just wasn't too into the show.

I guess I'm more of a Marvel girl than a DC girl. Huge fan of X-Men movies (Patrick Stewart does a great job as Professor X. Of course, he pretty much does a great job whatever role he plays. Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine as far as I'm concerned. He embodied the role really well, and I did think that Ian McKellen's Magento was well done).

I also like Toby Maguire's depiction of Spider-Man. I wasn't as into the newer Spider-Man movies.

Funny side note:  When I saw Snow White And The Huntsman, every time Chris Helmsworth came on the screen I yelled out "Thor! Wait, where's his hammer? Oops, wrong movie!" (We watched it at home on DVD) my husband gave me a weird look for that, but as far as I'm concerned Chris Helmsworth will be Thor first and foremost in my mind. (P.S. I also said it to see what my husband would do. I thought his reaction was hilarious).

So what's your nerdy/geeky/dorky "guilty" (because I make no apologies for liking these things) pleasure?

Have A Wonderfully Whimsical Wednesday!

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