Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You've Gone And Scorched The Eggs...

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

I thought I only had two special blog posts this week, but it turns out I was wrong! Another one has been added.

In the spirit of Christmas surprises, I give you a book review of author Laura Childs' newest release:

Things are bubbling and boiling merrily at the Cackleberry Club Diner, that is, until Suzanne (one of the proprietors) finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. And all she wanted to do was get her hair done!

However, hair will have to wait when the salon and the neighboring buildings go up in flames. But who started the fire that killed Hannah Venable?

Sheriff Doogie callsn an arson-investigator to have a look at the evidence to uncover the who-done-it.

Unfortunately, the list of suspects includes fellow Cackleberry Club employee, Kit's fiance. But did Ricky do it? Or was it hot-headed Marty Wolfson? Perhaps the victim's two-timing husband was the culprit?

While Suzanne juggles plates and Petra's yummy offerings at the Cackleberry Club Diner, she also keeps an eye on the ongoing investigation determined to uncover the guilty party.

However, when she becomes a target, will she even live to point the finger at the responsible party or will she join Hannah Venable in pushing up daisies?

Only one way to find out...pick up your very own copy of Laura Childs' newest Cackleberry Club Mystery novel, Scorched Eggs today.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

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