Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December, Plus Updates...

Happy Tuesday Everybody,

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's post with the guest authors. It was fun to talk about the TV show Once Upon A Time like that. Maybe I'll do something similar with another subject some other time.

It's now December! Can you believe it? Despite what I said on
Facebook about getting the tree up on Sunday it didn't happen. I was distracted by all the edits I had to do and Husband got wrapped
One of my favorite ornaments
It represents Monroe, from my novel,
up in some activities he and the offspring got into. However, I hope we'll be able to follow through on what Husband said about getting it up this evening. It just doesn't feel Christmassy without the decorations out.

I'm still working on my personal edits of Book Three of the Immortal Dreams Trilogy.
I've finished the initial read-through and am doing some other edits before it goes to critiques. Then I'll go through the editing process with my publisher before it gets released to Amazon Kindle. Currently I'm set for a March 2015 release date. Unfortunately, I'm definitely behind where I wanted to be. But my pregnancy caused a few issues. I didn't feel well and I was very tired. I'm still tired most days, but working hard to not let that get in the way, because I want to get this book done.

Either tomorrow or Friday I'll be doing a cover reveal for Book Three of the Trilogy. I've been sitting on this cover reveal for a very long time and it's been hard not to just show you all the final installment of this series, but I wanted to wait until it was a little closer to the release date. But I can't wait much longer! So you won't have to, either.

Stay tuned and I hope you're enjoying the beginning of December!

What's your favorite getting-ready-for-Christmas tradition? 

Have A Tinsel-Filled Tuesday!

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