Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dreams, Fae, & Book Review...

Happy Thursday All,

I'm overdue for posting this, but I plead life and other things as the reason this hasn't gone up. I don't have an assistant, so I probably need to start keeping a log of To Do list for this blog. (Hey there's a New Year's Resolution right there!)

Anyway, I do want to introduce to you all a novel by author Larynn Ford. Since this is a promised review, it's an official blog book review.

Lynzi Lancaster didn't figure herself for a target until several life threatening incidents happen...all in one week. Who would want to hurt her?

Then there's the dreams. Layne Brady has been long gone out of her life for twenty years. Now all of a sudden she can't get him out of her mind or her dreams.

Magic and reality clash as Lynzi works to make sense out of what's happening to her and Layne struggles to prove that he is very much alive, and still loves her deeply.

If you like a twist on contemporary/western with a hint of the Fae, you'll find In My Wildest Dreams intriguing. I'm always into the unique, and this one definitely delivers.

And, it's on sale! So you can grab yourself a copy from Amazon Kindle today.

For paperback versions check out Amazon paperback and Barnes & Noble.

Have A Totally Twinkly Thursday!

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