Friday, December 12, 2014

Magic, Time Travel, Curses & Romance...

Posted by Bethany at December 12, 2014
Happy Friday Everybody!

Well, we've done it! Made it through another work week...although, just because it's the weekend doesn't mean my work week ends. If the writing/editing/critiquing/whatever I have to do isn't done, I work on the weekends, too. In fact, I almost work every day unless I really feel bad/exhausted. Otherwise, it wouldn't get done.

Another hardworking author is Anne B. Cole, whose Souls Entwined is today's blog book review (another way overdue one!)

Sam Daggett isn't sure what to think when he meets Gretta Dobbs aka "Purple Shorts" (before he knows her name). But soon, he learns she's
strong, determined, and dealing with a serious mystery. One that has plagued her family for generations.

Gretta's family ring is cursed. But what kind of curse and how to break it, not even the spirits of her ancestors (who visit Sam and Gretta) know.

By sending Gretta and Sam's souls back in time into Gretta's ancestors' bodies the two are given the chance to uncover what happened and why the ring was cursed and what kind of curse it was.

Slung back to 1800's Greece, a time full of dangerous pirates, slavery, and adventure, into the bodies of Lorenzo and Anya, Sam and Gretta work to uncover the secrets behind the family, the ring, and the curse (or is it, curses?)

They're not supposed to change the past.

Survival isn't guaranteed.

Can these two young people figure out what's going on before it's too late for them...and Gretta's family?

Enter the world of Souls Entwined, the first in author Anne B. Cole's intriguing and engrossing Paranormal Romantic series.

Souls Entwined is available on Amazon Kindle for your reading pleasure.

Have A Fantastically Festive Friday!



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