Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying With Dragons

Posted by Bethany at January 05, 2012
Happy Thursday All,

We're almost near the end of the books I got for Christmas...however I still have today's and then one more (although the last one will probably be in one of next week's posts).

I haven't seen a lot in YA, or Romance (I could be wrong, but it's not been my experience). But what I have read of dragons in YA and Romance, I've really liked.

After reading Sophie Jordan's Firelight and finding out there was a sequel, I knew I'd want to read it. I put Vanish on my wish list for Christmas and figured if I didn't get it I'd pick a copy up, myself. I was delighted to receive it from my sister (the one who gave me the really awesome lion ornament, which holds a particular significance for me, and I still need to take a picture of it!)

Believe me, Vanish did not disappoint! If you haven't read Firelight, I strongly recommend you do that before reading Vanish.

Jacinda finds herself back among her own kind (the draki--people who can turn themselves into dragons). Unfortunately, after she had "manifested" in front of humans (showed them her dragon side)--and not just any humans...but hunters, the pride isn't exactly the most friendly bunch to her.

Despite the pride's general feelings, Cassain, Jacinda's sister, and Jacinda's mother, stand by her.

Originally I was unsure about Cassain, but in the sequel I got the feeling he really did care for Jacinda. That it wasn't just because she was a fire breather (a rare quality) but because of who she is.

Yet, despite all his attention, Jacinda can't forget the human/hunter, Will. A young man she fell in love with, a young man definitely in love with her and who promised he'd find her again.

Can Jacinda prove herself to the pride and forget Will...or will her heart betray her?

You can pick up a copy of Firelight and/or Vanish from Amazon and/or Amazon Kindle as well as on Barnes & Noble and/or Barnes & Noble Nook.

I should've shared this information a long time ago (and most of all whenever I talked about an e-book) and I'm sorry I haven't.  Let me remedy that immediately:

Don't have an E-Reader?

No problem!

You can download for free on to computer: 

Click here for Barnes & Noble Nook on computer (includes information on Nook for other devices as well)

Click here for Amazon Kindle on computer (includes information on Kindle for other devices as well).

Have A Tantalizing Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fascinating...not my usual read, but sounds great.

Bethany on Thursday, 05 January, 2012 said...


They are fascinating. If you decide to read them, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Tonette Joyce on Thursday, 05 January, 2012 said...

I think you were the one who introduced me to the free e-reader(Kindle) for my PC, is wonderful and FAST! Plus, there are so many titles that are available for free,or that are nominally price...and sometimes the procedes go to charity.
We are experiencing another warm spell, but I know it can't last! Hope you are staying warm as well.

Bethany on Thursday, 05 January, 2012 said...


You might have heard it from me. I actually heard it from Tess St. John. I haven't used it myself (I have an E-Reader) but some titles are only on Kindle and some are only on Nook, so sometimes it seems like you have to have both to take advantage of all the books available.

I'd rather have cold weather, but it doesn't seem to be very cold during the day lately.

Thank you for dropping by :-)


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