Monday, January 9, 2012

That Yummy Sweetness

Posted by Bethany at January 09, 2012
Happy Monday All,

Warning: The following post will cause chocolate lovers all over to drool uncontrollably on their keyboards. Please take the necessary precautions to protect your computers. Thank you.

Yes! Today I'm talking about chocolate. Rich,dark,milk,white, truffled, in cake, cookies, dripping-off-your-spoon-in-a-sundae, chocolate!

If you couldn't tell I'm something of a chocoholic. There. I said it. Chocoholic. No, don't be ashamed. There's redeeming features in chocolate.

Like dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you--okay, you're not supposed to gorge yourself on it like a thirsty person trapped in the dessert, but in reasonable (that is not huge amounts) it can have health benefits.

Chocolate contains magnesium, which women's bodies crave (this is one of the reasons some women really go for the chocolate). On the converse side, I suppose a woman could take magnesium supplements to curb her craving for a chocolate, but I leave that up to the woman and her doctor to decide. 

Chocolate can be a mood booster and who doesn't like to be in a good mood?

I've tried all kinds of brands. I've had Hershey's, I've had Godiva, Dilettante, Lindt, Russell Stover, name it, it's possible I've tried it.

I'm partial to milk chocolate myself, but every now and again I find a dark chocolate I like (Godiva and Dilettante have good dark chocolate).

I love a good chewy, rich brownie (the chewy ones are better than the cake-like ones in my opinion).  Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate Drop Cookies (which my paternal grandmother used to make and I have a sister who carries on the tradition--every now again someone else makes them, too).

The ooey, gooey goodness of a chocolate cake frosted over with chocolate icing is still some of my favorite cake. Growing up, I used to have chocolate cake with chocolate icing decorated with M&M's on my birthday.

Every now and again, when the weather is cold, I'll fix myself a cup of hot chocolate. I love it with whipped cream (although I rarely have it with whipped cream anymore because we usually don't have any whipped cream in the house). I used to like it with marshmallows, but I always forget to get them at the store LOL.

Now, that I've got you dreaming of that sweet taste of awesomeness, what's your favorite chocolate?

Craving more chocolate? Check out this Chocoholic Mystery series...where chocolate is the name of the game, and cracking the case the frosting on top. It's a series by JoAnna Carl--I've read a few of them and they're pretty good. You can find them at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Have A Mouth-Watering Monday!


Roni said...

Dark chocolate covered raspberry jells. I've only ever been able to find them at Mall candy stores, and yes, they're expensive. It's the only candy I hide in the fridge and never share. The orange ones a pretty good too. Seriously, now I need to go to the Mall.

Anonymous said...

Got me drooling...I remember the taste of chocolate...we were talking about our favorite chocolate the other day...dh is milk chocolate, daughter is dark chocolate, son doesn't like chocolate, and when I could eat chocolate, it really didn't matter! BUT I did love chocolate mints probably the most and they were with dark chocolate.

Bethany on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...


Godiva has a really good Raspberry Truffle. I highly recommend it--dark chocolate filled with raspberry.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...


Yeah, I'm hoping nobody shorts out their keyboard from drooling LOL.

Sounds like a nice break down the middle in your family. Mints are so good. My husband and offspring are partial to York Peppermint Patties. I like Andies mints, but in a pinch I'll have a York Peppermint Patty.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Melissa on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...

Gosh, thanks Bethany!! Now I have to run out in this weather and buy chocolate! LOL My new favorite are the Hershey kisses with the almonds. I can eat the entire bag! I know this because I did just that this Christmas. :) Ack!

Bethany on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...


Awww...I didn't mean for you to go out in this weather for chocolate! But thanks for dropping by :-)

Susan M on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...

I don't even like chocolate and I'm drooling.

Bethany on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...


LOL maybe I should've had the warning to include non-chocolate lovers as well.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Tonette Joyce on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...

No, see, Bethany...I can try to read to keep occupied and not munch...and here you seduce us with chocolate!
You're talking to a big fan here; I make my own candy, flavored and filled chocolates among them. Real chocolate is hard to deal with and my time is getting shorter, so I have cut back on when and how much I make.However, I am drooling over the idea of a temperer,(but they are expensive). My cousin brought me some Lindt's Truffles when she came for Thanksgiving and I inhaled them!I suggest them to any one who is a chocolate freak. Enjoy!

Bethany on Monday, 09 January, 2012 said...


LOL your comment put a smile on my face. Lindor Truffles ARE very good. I hope you didn't short out your keyboard drooling. That is so cool about you making your own chocolate. I can make fudge (which I forgot to mention) but I just follow the Puff Marshmallow Cream recipe--I've found Gharadelli Chocolate works well with that recipe, also if you cut down on the sugar (2 cups intead of 3, I think is what I did) and use the Gharadelli it comes out better (in my opinion). I didn't make fudge this fact, I didn't bake much at all, Phooey! Now I know what I need to do this year--more baking!

Thank you for dropping by :-)


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