Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bite That Beast!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Monday was a wet day in Texas. Very wet. But I'm happy to report that my end of town did all right (from what I could tell). Unfortunately, there were people who had to evacuate their homes in another town, and there was flooding in different areas. Hopefully those people's cars and homes don't sustain a lot of damage. For those of you who pray, please offer up a prayer for them.

I did remember to take a picture of my lion (Monroe, hero of my novel) ornament I've mentioned, but because I've lost the hook up wire for my camera, I'll have to go take it in and get it put on a disc so I can upload the photos (yes, I took more than one LOL).

So, I've finished reading all the books I got for Christmas. The one I haven't reported on is Tera Lynn Childs, Sweet Venom (YA Paranormal).

It's the story of 3 girls who look exactly alike. At first they don't know about each other.

Gretchen grew up with adoptive parents who weren't ideal. She ran away and eventually was taken in by Ursala, who taught her how to fight monsters and send them back to where they came from. Ursala also taught her that Gretchen was descent of the gorgon, Medusa, who, was falsely portrayed in mythology.

Unexpectedly, Gretchen comes across her sister--make that twin sister--while she's out fighting monsters.

Grace had no idea she had a sister. Let alone she was a descendant of Medusa. She'd always known she was adopted, but her parents were loving and kind. So she had no reason to look beyond her small bubble for anymore family.

When Grace meets Gretchen and finds out the truth, she's not sure what to think. But even though she tries to walk away, she finds she just can't.

Then enters Greer. Having been raised in wealth and privilege, Greer doesn't have time on her social calendar for insane people who, even though they look like her, can't possibly be her sisters. And, she can't be a descendant of Medusa, right?

But with monsters popping up all over the place and the rules changing, these triplets find out they need each other and they need to uncover the truth as to what's happened and where Ursala has gone.

Will the girls be able to uncover the truth about their destinies, or will the bounty on their heads prove the end of them and Medusa's legacy?

You can indulge in Greek Mythology, mystery, action, suspense, and a little bit of romance on the side in this incredible beginning to a brand new series by Tera Lynn Childs.

Find Sweet Venom at:  Amazon and Amazon Kindle, also find it on Barnes & Noble and on Barnes & Noble Nook.

Have A Thrilling Tuesday!


Tonette said...

This is a NEW premise, and it's a welcomed one...we see a lot of same old, same old, don't we?
Prayers for the flood victims; please keep us posted on your neck of the woods. We are cold once again, after an incredibly mild winter with only a few cold days sprinkled in.I am bracing for the worst!
Have a great day!

Bethany said...


Old, new, if it's Greek/Roman Mythology I'll probably go for it. But yes, this was a very new premesis and it was definitely action-packed. I liked the book and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Everything's okay as far as I know. I was out and about this morning and it looked better and it looked like it was drying up. I didn't hear about any floods near me, but I do know it was very wet!

Thank you for dropping by :-)

John Abramowitz said...

I'm in the process of reading this book after meeting Tera Lynn at a book fair and I'm really enjoying it.

(Of course, it helps that I'm a huge Buffy afficionado and Gretchen shows definite Buffy influences.)

In this age of all-vampires-all-the-time, it's refreshing to see a YA author reach for something new (well, I suppose Greek mythology isn't really new, but different, at least?).

Bethany said...


Welcome to Write By Bethany! Thank you for dropping by.

I haven't met Tera Lynn in person, yet, but I do enjoy her work. It is a different spin on Greek Mythology and in a lot of ways that's what is so intriguing about SWEET VENOM.

Hope you get a chance to read her other work. She's very talented :-)