Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Romance?

Posted by Bethany at January 21, 2011
Happy Friday All,

I don't know if you all were ever asked the question about why you write the genre you do. But, it's a good thing to contemplate. (I can't remember if I have been asked that one, myself).

Genres, like anything else in the writing/publishing world, are part of the author's brand. It's how readers identify you (not just by name) among the sea of other authors.

I write Paranormal Romance. Often I have elements of fantasy in them. Why?


I like the idea of making up my own world and having creatures that don't exist on my plane of reality. I like going beyond the real into the unreal (hence what my blog says). Elements of fantasy are in there because who doesn't like a little magic in their lives mixed in with the shape shifters, witches, vampires?

I write in the Romance genre because I've always been a romantic. I'm one of those "sweet romance" types. I love the whole guy-can't-get-girl-out-of-his-head-because-he's-falling-in-love-with-her and girl-likes-guy-and-falling-for-him. You give me a story about boy-meets-girl and it's sweet I'll treasure it. (I don't know how many times I read Lurlene MacDaniel's Don't Die, My Love despite the fact I found it sad).

Ever since it came out, I've read Debbie Macomber's The Perfect Christmas over again.

Plus, I've gotten my hands on a lot of the versions of Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast. (Not all the versions, but a lot of them).

I even wrote 2 versions of retelling of Beauty And The Beast before I hit my 30's. (One version was in high school--not very good. The second version was early 20's; it was better, but of course, needed some work).

I don't really write retellings anymore, and the ones I did write aren't for the public eye (mostly because I lost them and because I don't think I'd try publishing them anyway).

But the influence is always there. I like dark brooding males (not all my heroes are like that, though). I like the whole damsel-in-distress (sure, she can rescue herself, but sometimes she needs some help...hence the hero jumping in and saving her).

That's why I've chosen the romance genre and paranormal as my writing niche...although, in all honesty, it kinda chose me--because I don't think I'd enjoy writing quite so much if the hero and heroine weren't falling in love.

So, you tell me...why'd you chose the genre you did to write (and/or read)?

Have A Fantastical Friday!


Unknown on Sunday, 23 January, 2011 said...

Oh Bethany I like your new look! Very nice... sorry I haven't been by but life has been crazy with the new baby. Hugs...

Bethany on Monday, 24 January, 2011 said...


Hey! Hope things with the new baby are going well. Glad you like the new look...I'm rather fond of it, myself. It's okay you haven't been by, you have an excellent excuse :-)

Unknown on Monday, 24 January, 2011 said...



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