Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Happy Thursday All,

Normally I'd post earlier in the day, but blog post ideas were eluding me (gotta love that word "elude").

My goal this year for the blog is not only to report on author things abounding around us (and my progress/processes) but also to spoil my readers (and myself).

I'm working on lining up something that's a treat, but I'm not going to say what it is--it's a surprise, but I'm practically giddy about it. (Actually there's more than one thing coming in the next couple of months that I'm excited about).

Also, I want to hear from you. Is there something in particular you want me to touch on? If so, please let me know. Is there something I've talked about or done that you want to see again? Include it in the comment section as well.

Have A Thrilling Thursday!


Theresa said...

Well you left us hanging...how dare you, girl! LOL.

Bethany said...


Well someone has to do it! LOL

Trust me, I'm having a hard time not giving it away...but I can't--it'll make the surprises that much better!

I'll say one thing: book reviews will be happening this year. I'm just not going to say which ones :-)