Monday, January 31, 2011

Contest Day: Marvelously Mysterious Monday

Happy Monday Everyone,

Today (at last!) marks the kick off of Write By Bethany's 25+ Followers Celebration! I've been so excited about this contest, it's been really hard not to tell you all everything that's planned; however, I thought it would be more fun to reveal everything slowly rather than all at once. (FYI:  Make sure you read this WHOLE blog post before you comment!)

As stated in last Friday's post about how the contest week would be run, you will have until 9:30 p.m. Central Time to post your comment in order to enter today's drawing for Monday's fabulous prize. (Those of you on the Pacific Coast, this means you have until 7:30 p.m., those on the Eastern Coast, until 10:30 p.m.). So up until 9:30 p.m. Central Time, you, my dear readers, will have a chance to enter for today's drawing.

Here's how today works:

The prize is supplied by the awesome mystery author, Laura Childs. Here's the most incredible twist about today's prize...it's not even released yet! The prize is her upcoming (March 1, 2011 release) of her newest Tea Shop Mystery novel, Scones & Bones

Since it doesn't release for awhile, you'll have to wait to get it, but I didn't think anyone who enters today's drawing would mind that. (I know I wouldn't!)

A little background on Laura Childs:  I interviewed Laura in April of 2010. She was my second author interview and she has 3 different mystery series out (all with imaginative characters and locations--including: the Midwest, Charleston (Historical District), and New Orleans).

To win today's prize here's what you need to do:

FIRST:  Give me your first name (or nickname, especially if there's someone else who has the same first name as you who already commented).

SECOND:  This is extremely important:  I will need your email address. If you do not supply your email address with your comment and name you will be disqualified from being in the drawing (I hate to disqualify anyone, but email is how I'm getting the mailing information from the winner to give to Laura Childs so she can send the winner the prize, so it's in your best interest to make sure I have your email address).

THIRD:  FOR FUN:  Tell me in your comment what intrigues you about mystery novels?

I will leave the contest open until 9:30 p.m. Central Time. After that, I will throw every one's name (and email addresses) into a container of some sort and draw ONE winner. I will notify that person by email they have one and request their mailing information to give to Laura Childs. I will be emailing from bethany.averie@yahoo.com so be sure you're not blocking that email address. Tomorrow I will announce on here who that winner is and what the contest will be like for Tuesday.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Hope everyone has fun! I can't wait to draw the winner :-)

Have A Marvelous Monday!


Linda Henderson said...


seriousreader at live dot com

I enjoy reading mysteries because I've always liked trying to figure out who did the crime.

Anonymous said...



I enjoy mysteries because of the intrigue!

nutspan said...



I like mysteries for the action/trouble and the twist/surprises that the story tells.

Bethany said...


Me too! Thank you for your entry. I got you put in the drawing box for later tonight when I do the drawing :-)

Bethany said...


There's usually plenty of that in mysteries, aren't there? Thank youf your entry. I got you put in the drawing box for later tonight when I do the drawing :-)

Bethany said...


I know what you mean by twists--they can catch you off-guard. Thank you for your entry. I got you put in the drawing box for later tonight when I do the drawing :-)

Melissa said...



I love trying to figure out the mystery and being kept in the dark till the very end. :)

Bethany said...


Yeah...what gets me is what Valerie said about the twists--they always throw me for a loop. Thank you for your entry. I got you put in the drawing box for later tonight when I do the drawing :-)

Dr. Catonsville said...

I like mysteries because the suspense keeps it interesting.

Bethany said...


I'm not good with suspense, but there are some mysteries that I don't mind the suspense; so I get what you're saying. Thank you for your entry. I put your name in the drawing box for later tonight when I do the drawing :-)

Bethany said...

Today's part of the Contest is CLOSED. I'm not accepting anymore entries for today's drawing at this time. You'll have a chance tomorrow to enter.

Thank you to everyone who participated today. I'm going start the drawing for today's winner :-)

Bethany said...

I have a winner...I'll announce the name tomorrow.

I put everyone's name on the same type of paper, folded the same way, in a box with a top on it. Shook it, moved my hand around and didn't look as I pulled out the paper. Didn't know who's it was until I unfolded it. :-)

Bethany said...

Monday's winner is announced in Tuesday's post :-)