Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If You Thought Yesterday Was A Hint...

Happy Tuesday Folks,

Oh. My. Gosh. This contest, as I like to say, "rocks my socks". I'm not through putting together details (I'm giving myself and the people involved some space to check up on one part of it). But the prizes that are being donated are gonna be good!

I can't list the prizes (yet), but I'm telling you, those that are donating (and I can't reveal them, yet, either) are really generous beings and they have my most heartfelt gratitude for helping me out in that area.

So far I do know I will be running this contest 3 days--giving away something every day, which is fabulous, because then I can have a new winner and really get this party going.

Other than author interviews, (which I got one scheduled for February, and working on scheduling a March one) I've never done anything this big on my blog before. (LOL, unless you want to count the times I posted parodies that I wrote).

So far it looks like I'll run the contest next week--I'll let you know if that changes. (Yes, when I said soon, I meant it).

Gather your friends, gather all readers, and writers...this is gonna be big. Maybe a little cheesy (because I like cheesy--and besides we have to have a little fluff in our lives) but it's also a really awesome thing.

This week will be preparation week. I hope to run this contest next week.

But be sure to check back here daily for updates and news.

Oh and while you're at it...

Since yesterday was about heroes...let's talk heroines. What makes a good heroine in your eyes? Do you have a favorite, and if so, who?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!


Melissa said...

Contests! Oh, I love contests! LOL I'll be checking in next week for sure. :)

Let's see. Heroine's...hmmm. They've got to be smart, strong enough to give the hero a run for his money and in my case, in big trouble! :)

Bethany said...


Yep...and good prizes!

Cool about the heroine :-)