Friday, April 11, 2014

Updates & 2014 Upcoming Releases...

Posted by Bethany at April 11, 2014
Happy Friday All,

I've been thinking about what kind of post to write, and well several ideas have been floating in my mind. I couldn't nail down one, so I waited until I could. And I still haven't, but I thought I'd give it a go to see what happens. (Bear with me LOL).

I'm awaiting 1st round edits for Immortal Dreams Book 1: Divine Love.
I'm still waiting on the paperback version of All's Fair In Love & Lion (I'm sorry that's been taking so long).

I'm waiting on the cover art for Immortal Dreams Book 1: Divine Love.  The form has been turned in to the artist, so I guess just waiting on them.

I am so looking forward to this cover you have NO idea. I love this Trilogy. I do, I really do. There's just something about Erich and Laney that has me going bonkers. My beta reader is awaiting Book 3. She's loved the first 2 and is ready for the third one. 

If you're a member of Goodreads, all 3 Immortal Dreams Trilogy books are up on Goodreads for you to press that "Want To Read" button. I haven't put in much of a blurb, yet, because I wanted to wait closer to Divine Love's release date to do that. However, don't let that stop you from pressing the "want to read" button. The more "buzz" that is created, the better. 

Here's a very general overview of the Immortal Dreams Trilogy: 

18 year-old, senior high school student, Laney Alberts mourns the death of her beloved father. Even though it happened a year earlier,
it might as well have been yesterday.  Enter Erich Magnus. There's
something about this guy, and it's not just his god-like good looks, cocky attitude, leather jacket, and silver Corvette. There's something more, something deeper. What Laney hadn't bargained on was her place in the whole crazy situation. Secrets will be uncovered, lies revealed, and to put it into Laney's words "major suckage" ensues. Can they figure it out before the world is taken over by chaos? Find out starting June 18, 2014 when Immortal Dreams Book 1: Divine Love is released!

I realize that's not the most awesome blurb in the world, and I promise I have another one that should be better yet to come, but that's what I can offer at the moment.

Meanwhile here's a list of books (besides my own, of course) that I'm really excited about (in no particular order) and some of these you can pre-order, too:

Kiera Cass's The One (Book 3 in The Selection series)--May 2014

C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls After Dark:  Reborn (spin-off series to her Shadow Falls series)  -- May 2014

Kerrelyn Sparks' How To Seduce A Vampire (Without Really Trying)  (next installment in her Love At Stake series)  -- April 2014

Jennifer L. Armentrout's Opposition (book 5 in her Lux series)--August 2014

Katie McGarry's Take Me On --releasing May 2014   also looking forward to Breaking The Rules (a new Noah & Echo story!)--December 2014

Lesley Livingston's Transcendent (book 3 of Starling series)--December 2014

There's other books I'm looking forward to reading that I already have but haven't gotten to, but these are the ones that are releasing this year.

What books are you looking forward to seeing released THIS year?

Have A Fabulously Fun Friday!



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