Friday, April 4, 2014

Classics Week: Last Day--"Stepping Through The Wardrobe"

Happy Friday All,

Wow! It’s been such a fun week with learning more about different Classic novels, and other authors’ work. If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post with TinaBausinger, please do. I think it’s fascinating.

To close out Classics Week, you get yours truly (me) for today.

There are many authors I could have chosen to talk about today, however, CS Lewis is an author I've particularly enjoyed. So I’m going to go ahead and focus on him and his Chronicles Of Narnia.

You could say in some sense, Aslan from the series influenced All’s Fair In Love & Lion a bit—given Monroe , like Aslan, (when Monroe was in his lion form) could speak
My Monroe Christmas ornament, given to me
by one of my sisters
and be understood, was majestic. In the stories, Aslan sacrifices himself, and sacrifice comes into play in my story, as well.

However, the thing about Narnia that appealed to me was how each adventure was full of imagination, wonder, and magic. As a lover of fairy-tales and fantasy, what better devices to ignite my passions?

How can anyone forget meeting Mr. Tumnus at the lamppost? Or hitting the high seas on the Dawn Treader? Or the curiosity and tying everything together in The Last Battle?

An intellectual or English teacher would find all the various points of allegory, allusion, and metaphor to point out. For me, it was just plain fun.

The other thing we have with CS Lewis is the re-imaging of mythology and a different way of telling a story (at least different for his time).

I believe there’s room among writers and readers for all kinds of stories, which is one of the best things about Narnia. There was room for all believers and those who really wanted what Narnia had to offer. And years after Lewis’s death, there’s still room for new readers to partake of each story’s charm and adventure.

For a writer such as myself, it warms my heart to see people willing
to invite new fairy-tales and stories, but to still love the old ones, too. I hope this will always be the case.

I remember a song we had on a cassette tape that went: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other’s gold.” I feel this way about books. I make new friends with new novels and stories, but I keep the old ones in my heart. My wish for readers, is to have that experience, so they can enjoy all kinds of glorious tales.

As you know, my Romance Novel, All’s Fair In Love & Lion is
available on Amazon Kindle (hopefully to be in paperback, soon).  I don’t have the cover art (nor is it out, yet) for my New Adult Paranormal Romance, Immortal Dreams Book 1: Divine Love, yet, but that’s coming soon (and definitely fits the idea of re-imagining stories!)

Also, you can check out more about me and my writing on my official website.

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed Classics Week. I know I did!

Have A Fabulously Fantastical Friday!

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