Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wine, Tea, & Mystery...

Happy Thursday All,

When I wrote yesterday's post I didn't realize I would finish the novel I was reading in time to do a review this week, however, it appears I underestimated myself.  So today, I have a special treat, an official blog book review.

I've been doing official blog book reviews for Laura Childs for sometime now. I've enjoyed reading her novels and telling you
all about them. This time, she sent me the published version of the novel and not the ARC (which is okay) so the novel I'm about to tell you about is already available.

Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop is back in the newest Tea Shop Mystery...

While attending a wine tasting with her friend and shop colleague, Theodosia, Drayton, and the rest of the guests at the Knighthall Winery event, are treated to an unfortunate event. The moment Jordan, the owner of Knighthall Winery, goes to open the barrel of the newest wine, everyone is aghast when Jordan's son, Drew's body pours out of it along with the wine.

What should have been a fun evening turns into an investigation of murder.

Drayton, who is friends with Jordan, joins Knighthall Winery's owner in begging Theodosia to put her sleuthing skills to work to solve the mystery.

However, where does she start? The stepmother, Pandora, who has her eye on a new deal with a Japanese distributor? The manager of
Knighthall who is ready to jump ship? Or the girlfriend, Tanya, a model who didn't have a good relationship with the stepmother?

Aside from those closest to Drew, there's a myriad of other people. There's a number of businesses who have had their eye on the Knighthall Winery property, as well.

The plot thickens the further Theodosia gets involved. The question is, is it possible to solve the mystery or will it become a cold case?

The wine is flowing, the tea is being poured, and everyone has an opinion about everyone else.

The whole thing seems Steeped In Evil.

Fans of Laura Childs will welcome this new addition and enjoy not just mystery, but mouthwatering descriptions of tea, amazing concoctions made by Theodosia's cook/baker, Hailey, town gossip, and more.

Look for Steeped In Evil at Amazon and Barnes & Noble today; or click here for information on availability of the novel in other formats.

Have A Thrillingly Tempting Thursday!

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