Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review Policy

Dear Readers & Fellow Authors:

Based on some current events (where I was asked to do a review and had to say no) I decided it was time to post a review policy. In the right hand margin of my blog (if you arrow down a bit) you will see my review policy, complete with a list of authors I regularly do official blog book reviews for.

I didn't want to do this. I hate making rules and telling people "No, I can't help you." I didn't need rules before because nobody who I couldn't say yes to asked me for a review (in fact, official blog book reviews are generally because I approached the author myself and we worked out an agreement).  But, given what I said in the previous paragraph, it had to be done, especially now. I'm incredibly busy with the Trilogy and other writing projects, and work for critique partner(s), plus my real life.

Hopefully this will clear up confusion I've encountered.

Also, I apologize if you're an author who is not on the list. It's not meant as a personal offense, it's just the list of authors are ones that I've talked to personally and worked out an agreement with.

Thank you for understanding and happy writing/reading.

Bethany Averie

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