Thursday, March 27, 2014

If You Say His Name...

Posted by Bethany at March 27, 2014
Happy Thursday  Everybody,

Recently, I struck a deal with author Marie Hall (which it’s kind of funny for me to say
“struck a deal” given the character of this novel). She was kind and generous enough to allow me the opportunity to read and review her upcoming release, Rumpel’s Prize. 

This novel is filled with suspense, adventure, sizzling romance, and mystery…just like Rumpelstiltskin himself.

Rumpel is a cursed man of darkness. His life is made up of deals, contracts, dancing-around-the-truth, secrets, and loneliness.  He knows nothing else, and in many ways, he revels in his life. After all, he's powerful and he's feared. He gets what he wants and nobody can do a darned thing about it.

But he's a man on a mission. A very important mission, so he travels the land of Kingdom, seeking the answer to his problem. To aid him in his quest is his list of names who have contracts with him.

His travels takes him to the home of Gerard and Betty Caron (you can read their story in Gerard’s Beauty) where their nineteen year old daughter, Shareya lives.

Tucked away from all human contact, Shareya harbors a frustrating and horrible secret. And while she loves her family dearly, the secret has made her life very difficult.

When Rumpel visits, and calls in on the contract her father, Gerard, made with him, Shareya is horrified by the terms with which Rumpel decides to fulfill the bargain. To save her beloved father from Rumpel’s terms, Shareya agrees to take her father’s place and travel with Rumpel to his castle. For three months Shareya will remain at Rumpel’s castle. One day out of each month will be the day of the test—the day she plays Rumpel's game.

Three tests/games, three months. Shareya is determined to fulfill her promise, and return home. Rumpel is equally determined to figure out the answer to his troubles. What neither of them bargained on was love.

The question is, will love be strong enough and real enough to withstand Rumpel’s secrets?  Or will the whole thing tear them apart?

Find out in Marie Hall’s newest release, Rumpel’s Prize on April 1, 2014 (Marie assured me it wasn't a joke) in the Alpha’s After Dark Anthology.

Have A Tremendously Thrilling Day!



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