Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation, Books, Summer, & More!

Happy Wednesday All,

Oh my! I'm so behind. Last week, I was up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at a resort for a family reunion. We flew out to Charlotte, North Carolina on July 14th, rented a car, and drove up to the resort. 

Offspring and Husband went swimming at one of the resort pools and hiking in a National Park. I hung out with my family, answered posts on Christie Craig's blog (on July 16th--congratulations to Kathleen O. for winning a copy of All's Fair In Love & Lion. Hope you enjoy it).

Thursday we had a baby shower for my brother and his wife. That was fun. 

Friday we went out to Dollywood for the day. Offspring and Husband are far more adventurous about rides than I am, but that was okay. I walked through the water that they had misting around for park-goers to cool off. Of course, I probably shouldn't have bothered since later we got totally drenched by a rain shower. However, before that happened, we saw birds of prey (including a bald eagle and golden eagle--too cool!) heard some great singing, saw a fantastic bubble show (the woman and her family had been in the Guinness Book of World Records for a 50 foot bubble wall) and fun with family.

I have pictures, but I haven't loaded them up, yet, so you'll have to wait on those.

On Saturday we went to evening Church, then out to dinner at one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. It's called The Cabin Cafe. They make everything fresh (from things they get locally) and the best cup of coffee I've had in years was to be had there from the Vienna Coffee Co. The restaurant was kind enough to let me and my rather large family invade their premises after normal closing hours. They were friendly and very hospitable. All of us were greatly impressed with the food and people. 

I honestly thought I'd be much cooler in the Smoky Mountains. I was in for a rude awakening. The sun was very hot, and I actually opted to run the air conditioning very cold at night. 

Despite the weather--both rain and heat--we had a blast. 

I finished reading Kerrelyn Sparks' Less Than A Gentleman, set during the American Revolutionary War. Totally awesome novel. Definitely recommend.

I also have read Shona Husk's Summons, which is a very short prequel to The Goblin King, which I plan to get. I'm interested to see what happens next.

I'm currently reading Marie Hall's Her Mad Hatter.

Do you notice a theme with the last stories I mentioned? Yep, fairy-tale/fantasy type stuff. With the release of All's Fair In Love & Lion, and me working on the revisions to Immortal Dreams Book 1:  Dream Weaver, and book 2 in the AFIL&L universe, I've apparently decided to immerse myself in all things mythology, fantasy, and fairy-tale--and of course, romance.

How has your Summer been going? Any vacation trips?

Have A Whimsically Wonderful Wednesday

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