Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gatlinburg, Tennessee Part 1...

Happy Wednesday Night Folks,

Normally I don't "double-post" but I have a ton of pictures and I'm picking some to post on here, so I figure I'd break them into a series of posts.  Check for the captions on description for each picture.

At the resort me and my family stayed at in Gatlinburg, TN. It's up in the Smoky Mountains.
In the background, you can see a  marvelous view of the mountains.
Below is the construction of another cabin for the resort (there were A TON of cabins!)

Yet another gorgeous view

In downtown Gatlinburg, there's a bunch of charming shops, restaurants,
and attractions. I wish we could have done way more than we did.
The streets were almost always busy, but the people were nice

We went to an ice cream shop, and that was their Nutritional Warning LOL

We didn't go here, but anything Indiana Jones-esque catches my husband's eye
There were A LOT of places to do Miniature Golf
We did play one game of miniature golf, but it wasn't at this one
Like I sad--a TON of attractions!

This picture defines why they're called The Smoky Mountains

I have more pictures to share...and will get them up soon. 

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Night!

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