Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let The Countdown Begin!

Happy Tuesday Everybody,

If you look in the right hand margin (I hope everyone can see it) you'll see the countdown clock for when All's Fair In Love & Lion is released. If you can see it, you'll notice there's just HOURS left to wait!

I can hear Monroe (in his lion form) roaring his approval. He's ready for him and Sasha's grand debut into the published world. You can share in his joy and anticipation tomorrow and buy the book from Amazon Kindle. From what I understand from my publisher, the book will be available in other e-formats about 3 months from now, and several more months from now available in-print. When I get more of those details, I'll pass them along.

Based on Frequently Asked Questions I've gotten:  Yes, I will post links on where to get it. No, as far as I know, it's not available for pre-order.

I think that covers it.

Tomorrow I'll also be appearing on Melissa Ohnoutka's Eat Read
Rate. This is an article I wrote about how I became a writer and some other nifty little tidbits. 

Thursday I'll be on Dana Wright's Bookgirl Knitting book blog to talk about my writing process (can you guess what my process is? Find out if you're right on Thursday!)

Friday, my awesome critique partner, Tess St. John will have an interview I did with the hero, Monroe. What does Monroe have to say about the release? Find out on Friday!

Also releasing tomorrow, is my chapter mate, and author pal, Linda Bennett Pennell. Her book has the same deal as mine (we're both with Soul Mate Publishing) and her novel is called Al Capone At The Blanche Hotel, and I must say, it looks intriguing. :-)

Have A Terrifically Tasty Tuesday!

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