Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Releases, I Hang Out With A Beast & Life In General

Happy Wednesday All,

Okay I'm late on reporting this (Bad Bethany!!) but, hopefully it's worth the wait. My wonderful critique partner, Tess St. John has put out a brand-new novel, Angel Eyes. For anyone who's read Don't Let It Show and Eyes Of Jade, this is Roy's story! Also, you can get for free, the prelude/prologue short story to Angel Eyes called Violet Eyes (which I've read and helped critique...it's really good. I helped critique a little bit on Angel Eyes--I remember I liked what I read). Most of her books are available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, and some of her previous titles are available in-print through Amazon. Violet Eyes is only available through Tess's website, you can download it for free here on her book portion of her homepage.

Lately I've been re-reading Alex Flinn's Beastly (one of my favorite re-tellings of Beauty & The Beast) and she put out on E-book Beastly: Lindy's Diary (which is the story told from Lindy's point of view). So far it's good. I just started Lindy's Diary yesterday, but it's a pretty quick read so I'm already making good progress--I like it!

I'm doing some work on one of my manuscripts, and so that's coming along pretty steadily--not quickly--but steadily.

Life is pretty busy, but a lot of it is a good kind of busy.

So what are you reading now?

Have A Whimsical Wednesday!


TessStJohn said...

Thanks so much for the plug, Bethany!! I didn't realize you'd read any of AE...but I so appreciate all your help with Violet-Eyed Angel!! It's wonderful to have such support!

Marie said...

I am a huge fan of Tess St John and am enjoying ANGEKL EYES very much.

Bethany said...


No problem. Remember? ANGEL EYES was the first thing you had me critique.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


Fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for dropping by and for supporting Tess :-)

TessStJohn said...

You're so great, Marie. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Tonette said...

Well, let's see if this post takes, as my last one apparently didn't!
I have not had time to check out Tess's work, but they will be on my tbr list,(which is pretty long, so many books, so little time!. I FINALLY received the copy of 'Yours,Mine and Ours" , the second part of MJ Davidson's "Sisters" trilogy.(I won it quite a while ago and the person I won it from forgot about me..I still like him, though!). I am re-reading the Harry Potters with my grandson, trying to catch up on James Joyce, but I need to stop reading and keep writing...I'm still working on the article. But this week and last have been Spring Break for the kiddos...little writing getting done,I can tell you! I am still looking for a critique partner; you are lucky to have found each other.

Bethany said...


All posts go through my administrative section of my blog before they show up on the blog. I'm sorry, I didn't get to it until now.

Sounds like you have some good books to read! Keep enjoying them.

Thank you for dropping by :-)