Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Growing Up, Musically

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Recently a friend of mine asked some help with a project. This friend is trying to come up with songs that talk about growing up and different stages of life.

The project got me thinking about songs that define my childhood. Music that either makes me think of particular instances, or memories I cherish.

There's the mental snapshots of my Dad strumming away at his guitar while singing songs from Peter, Paul & Mary, Paul Anka, and the Kingston Trio. Or times when one of my uncles would join in with his guitar and we'd sit around singing The Beach Boys' Sloop John B.

Or the many family reunions at one of my other aunt and uncle's lake house, where another uncle brought out his collection of microphones, guitars, kazoos and whatever other musical instruments he happened to have with him and we'd have these amazing family singalongs.

I recall singing Walking On A Wire by Lowen & Navarro one year, while my younger brother played one of the electric guitars.

There's simple things I also remember (and at times, still get to enjoy) like singing harmony while my Dad sings Paul Anka's Diana, or knowing how comforting Dad was growing up while Mark Wills' In My Arms plays on the radio.

There's moments where I'll catch myself singing songs my Mother used to sing to us. Lullabies, an annoying wake up song  (that I now sing to my offspring LOL) or just humming brings back a flood of memories from growing up.

I don't think I'll ever be able to hear The Kingston Trio's Charlie And The MTA without thinking of my Dad and wondering why such a depressing song has such an upbeat tune.

I remember how me and my siblings used to beg for a country-western tune my Dad hated, but would eventually relent and sing the song with an exaggerated southern accent, much to me and my siblings' great delight.

So there's something about looking for songs that define different stages of childhood that make me think back on my own, personal musical history.

What about you? What songs bring back childhood memories?

Have A Whimsical Day!


Tonette said...

Someone posted a picture of the Captain Kangaroo gang from way-back-when...got us thinking about those songs but my sister was a precocious 9 yr old and I was 2 when Elvis appeared on Ed Sullivan, and then I was 9 and she was about to be 17 when the Beatles appeared so Rock was what I heard and hte first lyrics I learned!(And we won't even mention Mom and her Frank Sinatra crush!)
You spound like your family really had a fun time while you were growing up! Hoe fortunate for you. Nice blog; good idea!

Bethany said...


We did! Thank you so much. Also, thank you for dropping by :-)