Monday, February 6, 2012

Flight Of Fancy: Weddings

Happy Monday All,

How many of you are fans of weddings?

I'm a huge fan. Some I like more than others. But I love wedding stuff. I always tell folks I'm a hopeless romantic. Not because I didn't find my "other half", but because it doesn't look like I'll ever quit being a romantic--not that I mind.

If I wasn't sure I couldn't take the stress (let's face it, some brides get very emotional) I'd consider being a wedding consultant in some capacity. However, due to other responsibilities (personal and writing related) I don't see that avenue being explored anytime soon. Luckily for me, there's been times I've been able to lend my thoughts, experience, and joy of wedding-planning to people.

Caption Reads: May 8, 2004 marked the
 beginning of my happily-ever-after with my
wonderful husband.  I love him more NOW
than I did then :-)
 When I got married, I was so nervous about going over-budget I asked my mom about every, "Is this okay? If I'm going over-budget let me know." It got to the point that my mother said, "I'll TELL you if you go over-budget. You're FINE." Of course, she said it nicely, but also firmly (I'm very grateful to her, she was absolutely wonderful through everything). I loved my wedding, I had a blast at my reception, and with a few slight hitches (no wedding ever goes off without something going wrong--hopefully in most cases it's something small), it was as close to perfect as any wedding can get.

Picture taken at my wedding reception of
one of the bridesmaids' bouquet.
Red and lavender roses.
Red roses mean passion/love
Lavender/purple roses mean fantasy
(I didn't know about the meanings at the time
but how perfect!)

Since marriage isn't perfect (even the really good ones have their difficult moments) it's nice to have something that can be almost-perfect...something romantic, light, fun, and beautiful to cherish.

Some of my favorite TV shows are wedding-related. I love Say Yes To The Dress and Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. I've watched several episodes of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera.

What is it about weddings that spark the imagination? Many girls dream about them from the moment they know what a wedding is (I know I thought about mine). Girls often have weddings with their Barbie Dolls (I did!) And you find them in books. Even some Shakespeare plays end with a wedding (all of the Shakespeare plays that end in a wedding are considered "comedies" even if they're not really comedic).

There's just something about the romance, the idea of forever, and all the little details that make some people sigh with happiness.

So, what about you? What do you like about weddings? And do you even like weddings? Why or why not?

Have A Memorable (in a good way) Monday!


Tonette said...

Oh< I don't know, Bethany.I have catered a wedding and made several cakes....people seem to over-do and stress out and spend so much for one day/night.It puts a real strain on those involved.A former boss of mine who caters and does a lot of bartending at weddiongs has observed that here, the more that is spent on a wedding, the shorter the marriage seems to last.HOWEVER,I am NOT against weddings done in taste, making it a celebration of their love and commitment with family and friends. My wedding, however, was done on a shoestring and was also a series of misadventures that a mutual friend of ours has been trying to get me to tell....I will, one day...nevertheless, we're still hanging in there, 29 years later! Have a great day.

Bethany said...


Like I said...I couldn't take the stress/emotion of being a wedding planner. But in some cases it's fun to help plan.

I don't like ALL weddings (as I also mentioned) but there have been some very lovely ones I've been to.

Unfortunately, in some cases your words ARE correct, however, there are some very wonderful marriages out there and those marriages and weddings are the ones to celebrate whole-heartedly.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...

Oh! And Tonette, congratulations to you and your husband for 29 years!

Marriage isn't without its bumps, but it can still be beautiful and I imagine your marriage has some beauty as well :-)